Two people canoeing on the Buffalo River with rocky cliffs along one bank.
Buffalo River America's first National River, the Buffalo River flows through the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas for 150 miles. © Arkansas Parks and Tourism

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The Buffalo River

The Buffalo National River is one of Arkansas’, and America’s, greatest natural treasures.

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Its turquoise waters flow through the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas for 150 miles, past majestic bluffs and secluded waterfalls, before joining the White River. People come from all over the state and around the world to canoe, swim, fish and camp along the Buffalo. This is where lasting memories are made.

The river’s beauty goes beyond its banks-it flows from its watershed. A watershed primarily under private ownership with a vibrant agricultural heritage of family farms and ranches. A heritage that is important to local communities and Arkansas.

As a favorite spot for Arkansans to live, work and play, its popularity presents challenges to this iconic river that are not always obvious. Aging municipal wastewater and septic systems, eroding streambanks, and runoff from unpaved roads degrade water quality and present challenges to the river and the people that live in its watershed.

What is the Nature Conservancy Doing?

The Nature Conservancy’s approach is to work positively with private landowners interested in conserving their property and addressing erosion challenges on their farms and ranches. We want to help chart a positive path forward for conservation.

We are also interested in supporting local communities in finding new ways to benefit from the Buffalo River. Building off examples of Conservancy partnerships in other parts of the state, there are many opportunities for the Buffalo River watershed.

There has never been a better time to work together on collaborative and practical conservation that benefits so many.

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There has never been a better time for people to come together to help conserve the Buffalo River.