Buffalo River
Buffalo River America's first National River, the Buffalo River flows through the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas for 150 miles. © Arkansas Parks and Tourism

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Protecting The Buffalo River

The Buffalo National River is one of Arkansas’, and America’s, greatest natural treasures.

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Its turquoise waters flow through the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas for 150 miles, past majestic bluffs and secluded waterfalls, before joining the White River. People come from all over the state and around the world to canoe, swim, fish, and camp along the Buffalo. This is where lasting memories are made.

There has never been a better time for people to come together to help conserve the Buffalo.  The Nature Conservancy is collaborating with groups like the Beautiful Buffalo River Action Committee and with private landowners to address issues like nutrient run-off and sediment to keep the Buffalo clean and healthy for everyone. Your support of The Nature Conservancy helps make this possible. Please donate now so families can keep making wonderful memories on the Buffalo River for generations to come.

Recognizing the Buffalo River’s beauty and importance to our natural heritage, Congress in 1972 designated it America’s first National River.