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When you sign up to volunteer for The Nature Conservancy in Ohio, you will be welcomed into a family of dedicated individuals committed to protecting this state's finest natural areas. 

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Special Volunteer Projects 
  • Biological monitoring at Big Darby Headwaters. Contact Angela Burke at angela.burke@tnc.org.
  • Site clean-up for new tracts added to Kitty Todd. Flexible schedule. Contact Ryan Gauger at rgauger@tnc.org.
  • Fall trail maintenance and invasive removal at The Edge of Appalachia. Contact Angela Burke at angela.burke@tnc.org.
  • Routine maintenance and construction projects at the Grand River Conservation Campus. Flexible schedule. Contact Angela Burke at angela.burke@tnc.org.
  • Restoration and maintenance at Great Egret Marsh, including litter removal, native seed collection, trail maintenance, mowing and biological monitoring.  Flexible schedule.  Contact Matt Kovach at matthew.kovach@tnc.org.  

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