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Since 1961, the Conservancy has been working throughout New Hampshire to help protect nature and the precious natural resources that are essential to human life. Together with partners, local landowners and the support of members like you, we have helped to protect over 288,000 acres in New Hampshire.

Use the links below to learn more about a few of the places you are helping us protect across the Granite State.


Priority Projects

The Connecticut River
From its start at a small, lonely pond near the Canadian border, the Connecticut River runs more than 410 miles — past forests, and farms, small towns and industrial cities built and occasionally ravaged by its power. Fed by 38 major tributaries and draining a basin of 11,985 square miles, the river passes rapids where bald eagles swoop for fish and through tidal marshes teeming with marine and bird life. Learn more about our work in the Connecticut River basin.

The Gulf of Maine
The Conservancy is integrating data from oceanography, biology, chemistry and even social science to identify threats to the Gulf of Maine. A baseline will then be established that will help us develop conservation strategies tailored to the Gulf. Learn more about our work in the Gulf of Maine.

Staying Connected in The Northern Appalachians
New Hampshire lies at the crossroads of the Northern Appalachians, an extensive wildlife habitat network reaching from the Tug Hill plateau in New York, across the Adirondacks and the northern reaches of New England, and on to the Canadian Maritime provinces. See how the Conservancy is working with partners to find ways to make sure connected habitat and healthy wildlife populations are an enduring feature of the Northern Appalachians.

Be A Citizen Scientist!

Research adds tremendous value to our work and isn’t limited to students and scientists. You can participate in collecting valuable data to assist with our conservation and management efforts just by using your smartphone or camera! Get involved today.

Preserves and Protected Areas

New Hampshire Visitation Use Guidelines

Northern Forest

Fourth Connecticut Lake Preserve
Hurlbert Swamp
Maidstone Bends Conservation Area (Potter Farm)
Norton Pool
Vickie Bunnell Preserve

White Mountains

Frank Bolles Preserve
Green Hills Preserve
Madison Boulder Woods

Lakes Region

Merrymeeting Lake *
Mt. Teneriffe Preserve
Ossipee Pine Barrens Preserve
Stamp Act Island
Wingate Shores Preserve at Garland Pond

Upper Valley and Monadnock Highlands

Fall Mountain State Forest
Joanne Bass Bross Preserve
Loverens Mill Cedar Swamp Preserve
Otter Brook Preserve
Ruth C. Warwick Preserve
Silverweed Seep *
Wales Preserve

Lower Merrimack Valley

Manchester Cedar Swamp Preserve
Powwow River
Sheldrick Forest Preserve

Great Bay and Seacoast

Durham Point Sedge Meadow
Lamprey River Preserve
Lubberland Creek Preserve
Packer Bog
The Sweet Trail

* closed to public unless accompanied by TNC staff


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