Places we protect

Use this map or browse the list below to explore our preserves and places we protect in Nevada.

Our projects

Explore our Nevada projects: We're working across the state to protect wildlife, rivers, lakes, wetlands and more. See how our conservation efforts are making a difference at places like Independence Lake Preserve and the Truckee River near Reno, River Fork Ranch Preserve outside of Minden, the Mojave Desert–home to Las Vegas, and the vast sagebrush seas in eastern Nevada.

Eastern Sierra Rivers

Truckee River Project
Carson River Project
Independence Lake
Walker River

Mojave Desert

Development by Design: Renewable Energy in the Mojave
Amargosa River
Eglington Preserve
Clark County Wetlands Park Collaboration

Sagebrush Ecosystems

Protecting Sagebrush Ecosystems
Working with Barrick
Working with Newmont Mining Corporation

Colorado River

Colorado River Program
Economic Importance of the Colorado River

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Places to visit

You can experience our work firsthand at one of the several preserves in our project areas that are open to the public. You're sure to find somewhere worth exploring when you're looking for things to do from fishing and hiking to kayaking, wildlife viewing and more!

Torrance Ranch (Amargosa River)
River Fork Ranch (Carson River)
Bently Ranch - Kirman Field (Carson River)
McCarran Ranch (Truckee River)
Independence Lake (Truckee River)

Looking Back

Learn about some of the Conservancy's greatest conservation success stories in Nevada.

Northern Nevada

Jarbidge Canyon
Soldier Meadows
Stillwater and Carson Lakes
Ruby Marshes: UX and 7H Ranches

Southern Nevada

Red Rock Canyon
Ash Meadows
Muddy River
Desert Tortoise Habitat Conservation
Walking Box Ranch


Conservation Easement Legislation
Question 1 Ballot Initiative
Question 5 Bond Initiative