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Swan River Oxbow Preserve

Hike through a wonderland of forest and wetlands. Look for the very rare plants that thrive here, including the lovely and delicate water Howellia.

Centennial Sandhills Preserve

Combine a visit to the wild and rare sandhills with nearby Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge for a day full of wonders!

Comertown Pothole Prairie Preserve

This preserve is at its most exquisite when the wildflowers bloom and the small pothole lakes fill.

Pine Butte Swamp Preserve

The preserve is a paradise for grizzly bears and in order to protect them, public access is strictly limited.

Safe Harbor Marsh Preserve

The preserve is a haven for birds and just a short trip from Flathead Lake.

Dancing Prairie Preserve 

An island of grass surrounded by mountains and forest.


An unusual geologic formation rising from undisturbed native grassland on the Rocky Mountain Front.


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