Clearwater-Blackfoot Project

Erasing the Great Western Checkerboard

We are happy to announce that Nature Conservancy land in Western Montana has now reopened to the public. We thank everyone for your patience with the temporary closures due to the Liberty Fire and its aftermath. 

 The beauty of the Crown of the Continent is undeniable. Its importance—for Canada lynx, elk, grizzly bears and more—is incredible.

For the people of Montana, it's not only a popular destination for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation, but also a key piece of the economies of surrounding rural communities. The Nature Conservancy has worked to protect 117,152 acres of the Lower Blackfoot River watershed, called the Clearwater-Blackfoot Project. This effort is part of a larger project in the Blackfoot watershed in surrounding areas where we have we’ve acquired and protected over 528,000 acres since 1997.

One of our goals with the Clearwater-Blackfoot Project is to build on our many years of working with local partners to make sure the community guides decisions on the future of these extraordinary places. In collaboration with the Blackfoot Challenge, we are engaging the people who love and use these lands. We invite you to join us.

Get Involved in Conserving the Clearwater-Blackfoot Project