OktoberForest: Mother's Brewing Co.

At Mother's Brewing Company we continually strive to better understand the quality and composition of the water we use. We continue to observe season after season that variance in water quality has the single largest impact on the quality of our beer of any of the variables we are continually trying to control. We deal with a fairly diverse water source that includes two large reservoirs, a river, and a large spring and understand full well the role that strong forests play in providing consistent high quality water in all of these sources.

Also, we are generally people who spend a lot of time in nature and understand the impact strong forests and clean waterways have on us simply as inhabitants of this planet. We recognize that beautiful natural resources, once lost, are not easily repaired and it is our duty and to our benefit to preserve them. For these reasons we decided early on to do what we can to conserve water in our facility. Water that we use to cool our boiling wort is reclaimed along with it's energy to be used in the next brew. We also reclaim all of our tank cleaning chemicals which saves a lot of water as well as greatly diminishing the amount of harsh chemicals that are sent out as effluent.

As we continue to grow we will strive to be water conscious in all of our decisions and are happy to partner with The Nature Conservancy as a part of OktoberForest to raise awareness about how we as brewers can better preserve the resource that is absolutely integral to our craft.


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