Dunn Ranch Prairie Restoration Slideshow

Get the inside scoop on how we keep Dunn Ranch Prairie healthy and in balance.

A combine is used to harvest native prairie seed in the fall.  Dunn Ranch staff collect 10,000-20,000 pounds of seed each year.

After harvest, the native seed is dried and then stored in a grain bin until it is ready to be replanted in the winter.

After it's been dried, the native seed is cleaned by a specialized machine.

Hand-harvested seed is dried on screens and then cleaned using a smaller, hand-operated seed cleaner.

The cleaned and dried native seed is then bagged. Each bag weighs approximately 50 pounds.

In the winter, the seed is spread out onto the ground using a seeder like the one above. Approximately 500 acres have been seeded each year since 2008.

The Conservancy manages prairie restorations with periodic controlled burns, which help native species thrive and rid the landscape of invasive species.

Bison are also used to properly manage native grasslands. Grazing, wallowing, and roaming shape the landscape, keeping it healthy and vibrant.

The striking results of a successful restoration seeding at Dunn Ranch Prairie.