Places We Protect

Florida's Gulf Coast

Swimming in crystal clear water, eating delicious seafood, fishing, boating, strolling the beach or simply sitting and looking out at the view: these are activities that Gulf Coast residents and visitors cherish.

More than 5 million people live along Florida’s Gulf coast and care deeply about keeping this backyard treasure healthy for their children.

So does The Nature Conservancy.

With your support, we are working from Pensacola to the Florida Keys as the architects of a new Gulf of Mexico that will:

  • Help seafood and tourism businesses thrive.
  • Protect the military mission.
  • Plan for development.
  • Keep forests healthy for industry and recreation.
  • Improve water quality.
  • Preserve outstanding Gulf beaches.

Conserving our Gulf natural resources through targeted conservation, management and restoration will accomplish these results. Rich natural forest and wetland areas are important sources of clean fresh water and air. Returning these areas to their natural, healthy conditions will benefit us all. Strong coastal communities are directly tied to a healthy environment -- healthy habitats sustain a healthy economy.

The Conservancy’s work, and that of many others, makes a strong case for the value and viability of conserving and protecting our Gulf. We have the opportunity of a lifetime to work together and create a legacy of prosperity for our children, grandchildren and all future Gulf Coast residents. Through partnership and focus, and your donations that pay our staff, we will succeed. We can work together now to secure our future tomorrow.

Will you help us? 

Our Gulf projects include:

Rebuilt Oyster Reefs

Community Watershed Planning

Protected Uplands and Rivers

Improved Water Quality

Strengthened Coastlines

Restored Coral Reefs