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The Miami Metropolitan Area

Florida is currently the third most populous state in the Country and the third fastest growing state, with more than 1,000 people moving into the state every day. This migration to the Sunshine state is no surprise, as Florida has some of the most unique, beautiful and attractive natural systems in the nation, if not the world. However, this population pressure is jeopardizing the state’s lands, water, and wildlife, and ultimately, the quality of life of its residents.

Urban communities in Florida enjoy some of the best weather in the nation, and are renowned for their diversity, liveliness and dynamism. But they also endure some of the highest temperatures in the country and recurring impacts of hurricanes and other storms more than any other state residents. In addition, the increasing footprint of development reshapes urban area surroundings and identity, and diminishes the quality of natural systems.

You can help support the Conservancy’s work to protect and restore our communities in Florida.

The Nature Conservancy is exploring and implementing ways to ensure that nature and the benefits it brings are incorporated into existing and developing cities in order to alleviate threats in currently urbanized areas, and capitalize on opportunities to balance development with nature – to do right with nature and by nature -- within our communities.

The Nature Conservancy has a vision of biophilic cities throughout the state, that is, cities where nature and development are linked and nature and people thrive. Miami has been selected as the first city in Florida for the Conservancy’s comprehensive efforts. There, we will implement strategies to create high visibility projects with the support of key stakeholders who can affect policy or influence other decision-makers, support grass roots actions with communities who demand change, and take innovative planning approaches that help redefine the boundaries and design of urban development. Specifically, we will implement measures to help:

  • Connect people with nature
  • Improve water quality and mitigate flooding
  • Protect coastal communities and slow erosion
  • Alleviate poor air quality and urban heat islands
  • Safeguard the diversity of urban wildlife

Nature Works Everywhere Supports a School Garden in Miami


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