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Welcome to Argentina! Home to some of the last pristine environments on earth, South America’s second largest country stretches from the subtropical forests in the north to the windswept landscapes of Patagonia at the southernmost edge of the world.

Framed by the towering Andes mountains to the west and the mighty Atlantic Ocean to the east, Argentina is a land rich in natural treasure. Wetland and dry forests, spectacular waterfalls, mythical grasslands and steppes, and some of the planet’s largest glaciers—Argentina’s landscape is an ever-changing tapestry of color and texture.

This extraordinary landscape has also shaped the country’s economy and culture, securing Argentina’s place as one of the world’s most important producers of food and energy.

A land defined by the VAST beauty and POWERFUL potential of nature itself—a land proud of its past and committed to its future. 

Land of Challenge, Land of Promise

For more than a century Argentina’s natural landscapes have provided beef, grain, and fiber that have helped feed and clothe people the world over. These landscapes are also treasured for their rushing rivers, soaring mountain peaks and untamed wilderness.

Yet today, in Argentina, nature is being pushed to its limits and is battling threats on every front—deforestation, poor land use, drought, and climate change, which threaten the future of nature and people, both in Argentina and beyond its national borders. 

As world demand for food and power continues to grow in the 21st century, Argentina, with its abundant natural resources in energy and agriculture, can play a key role in contributing to global needs. We must find a way to protect its natural wealth without forfeiting development, livelihoods and human well-being.

What we are doing

The Nature Conservancy in Argentina has been tackling the daunting challenge of reversing the damage to nature since 2008. 

We began in the Patagonian Grasslands, where overgrazing of sheep and resulting erosion of topsoil is one of the main drivers of the desertification that affects almost 70% of that legendary steppe. With the support of our donors and volunteer leaders, we quickly achieved remarkable success across almost five million acres of grasslands that today are under conservation-friendly management. We also launched Argentina’s first sustainable grazing demonstration ranch –Fortin Chacabuco, and created a pioneering network of researchers and scientists to protect rivers across Patagonia and Argentina.
Spurred by our success in Patagonia and by the urgency of conservation needs in northern Argentina resulting from shifting world markets for crops like soy, we expanded to the other large grasslands of Argentina in the Pampas and the Gran Chaco agricultural frontier.

Today, we are protecting Argentina’s most important lands and water, and sharing smart planning tools to safeguard nature in the midst of a national infrastructure development boom. But more must be done if we are to halt and reverse the destruction of Argentina’s native forests and grasslands.

Where we work

In the PATAGONIA grasslands, the SOUTH WEST BUENOS AIRES pampas and the GREATER CHACO forests…The Nature Conservancy is hard at work, helping to build a better future for Argentina. These three regions cover three quarters of the country and harbor ecosystems essential for a healthy planet. They also play a critical role in the nation’s livestock and agricultural industries. Intensive production is lifting the economy and feeding the world, but at the same time degrading nature. Moreover, development pressures are looming. Thoughtful planning and conservation are needed to protect iconic landscapes far into the future.

Latest News & Features

New Push for Global Land Conservation

The Nature Conservancy in Argentina participated in the First Meeting of the International Land Conservation Network (ILCN) held in Berlin, October 19-21, with a presentation on the Conservancy’s conservation work in Patagonia, Argentina. The meeting served as the Network’s official launch and reflects the growing importance of private and civic land conservation.

Smart Planning for Nature

The Nature Conservancy entered a formal Cooperation Agreement with the Province of Chubut in Patagonia to collaborate on infrastructure development in the region –mostly related to energy—with the goal of no net impact to nature in surrounding lands and waters.


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