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Protecting the Lands and Waters on Which all Life Depends

Global Challenges and Priorities

Can a world in which people and nature thrive together truly exist? At The Nature Conservancy, we have always strived to ensure that people can thrive along with the landscapes we love. And since our work is grounded by science, we’ve used science to tell us what we need to focus on to ensure that our planet, with its growing human population, can survive without destroying the resources on which we depend.

Much of this work is still place-based; each project or landscape rolls up into ensuring our mission—to preserve the lands and waters on which all life depends—is achievable. But we’ve expanded beyond saving beautiful places. Our future depends on new ideas and partnerships.

We focus on the five areas below. From supporting natural solutions to climate change to creating sustainable fisheries to investing in nature in urban areas, we’re breaking the traditional mold of “setting land aside” and working across aisles to ensure true conservation success.

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