Underwater exploration A diver explores a hard coral reef with Anthias and Damsels in the shallow waters off Amed (Jemeluk) near Bali, Indonesia. © Jeff Yonover

Today is the day. The day you raise your hand. Make a change. Make a difference. Our oceans depend on us—and we greatly depend on them. Coral reefs are the forests of the sea. They bring life, food, medicine, recreation, jobs and joy to people around the world. Join us for the reef revival.

Support Coral Reef Restoration and Protection

We can give coral reefs another chance.

Coral reefs save lives The oceans are our lifeline, and we're learning that they can do more for us then we ever imagined.

Thank you to our corporate partners

  • Bonefish Grill

    Bonefish Grill is supporting coral reef restoration by helping us raise awareness about them and donating to projects in Florida and the Caribbean. Learn More

  • Minecraft

    Minecraft donated $100,000 to the Conservancy once players placed 10 million coral blocks underwater in-game. Learn More