Get the Foodscapes Report: Toward Food System Transition

New ways of envisioning, managing and implementing the transitions necessary for the full-scale transformation of our global food system


Executive Summaries

Download the Foodscapes Report Executive Summaries in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Regional Case Studies

  • image of wetlands separated by roads

    San Joaquin Valley, United States

    Balancing food production and biodiversity under water scarcity Download the Case Study

  • a man inspects grain crops

    Punjab-Haryana, India

    Targeting incentives to jointly improve crop production, water security and human health Download the Case Study

  • view of olives growing on a tree

    Grenada, Spain

    Ensuring climate resilience by promoting return to traditionally used practices Download the Case Study

  • a man with his back to camera looks at a muddy river

    Upper Tana River Basin, Kenya

    Innovating technical solutions for market-oriented smallholders Download the Case Study

  • image of a goat in a pen

    Mopti, Mali

    Using governance systems to manage land use conflicts and enable nature-based solutions Download the Case Study

  • a man pulls a crab trap out of the water

    Chesapeake Bay Watershed, United States

    Restoring natural habitats to enhance success of nutrient reductions Download the Case Study

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