Edgar González: New Appointed Executive Director, TNC Mexico

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The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Mexico, a leading organization promoting environmental conservation and development, announces Edgar González as the new Executive Director for Mexico.

Director del Programa de México
Edgar González Director del Programa de México © TNC

Edgar joins the TNC team starting December 1st to collaborate with the country team. His appointment represents an important step towards TNC’s 2030 Goals.

With solid experience in the field of development cooperation, strategies and international agreements for nature conservation, strategic planning and governance, the executive's trajectory converges with that of TNC in the implementation of development programs with communities and other social actors; the promotion of sustainable livelihoods, the promotion of Nature-based Solutions, the conservation of land use, as well as the protection of biodiversity and the mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Edgar has a degree in Business Administration, a master's degree in Public Policy and has more than 25 years of experience in the negotiation, design, implementation and evaluation of development projects. He has participated in more than 50 high-impact projects, including his outstanding performance at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for nearly two decades.

Edgar has contributed widely to the implementation of strategies and action plans to conserve and restore ecosystems, prioritizing the well-being of communities and their development options alongside the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Under a results-based management approach, he emphasizes the importance of achieving tangible and lasting impacts that add value to development processes in collaboration with partners and allies.

Edgar’s arrival as Executive Director marks an important chapter in our organization. In recent years, TNC Mexico has been working on the agendas of diversity, strategic partnerships and innovation, vital topics on the agenda of environmental organizations.


We recognize that inequality and lack of access to social justice suffered by people and communities in conditions of marginality and poverty impact the conservation mission. Likewise, the challenges of unsustainable production and consumption models, climate change and increasingly strong pressures on nature require urgent actions that go hand in hand with inclusive, sustainable and resilient development of communities.

Being part of an organization committed to this agenda and under a collaboration approach will certainly help boost the necessary change. TNC Mexico team looks forward with great enthusiasm to the positive impact they will achieve under his leadership and dedication to conserve nature in Mexico.

TNC Mexico, in collaboration with multiple actors, will continue to advance towards a future in which nature and people coexist in harmony, without leaving anyone behind.