The sun rises behind trees near a clearing with mountains beyond.
Daybreak Morning sun in a clearing near Smart Mountain in Boundary Mountains Preserve. © Jerry and Marcy Monkman/EcoPhotography


The Nature Conservancy Launches “Join Maine” Campaign for Climate Action

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This month, The Nature Conservancy in Maine (TNC) launched the capstone phase of a major fundraising campaign focused on climate action in Maine and beyond. The “Join Maine” campaign seeks to raise $130 million in support of TNC Maine’s work with partners on climate initiatives across the state, from forest conservation and river restoration to sustainable ocean management and responsible public policy.

“Our ability to face climate change depends entirely on our ability to join together,” said Kate Dempsey, state director of TNC Maine. “To do that, we can learn a lot from nature — that our differences are our strength, our connections sustain us, and nothing exists alone. It will take all of us working in every sector, in every corner of the state, to have the impact we need to have, and we know that we can do it.”

“In a time of division, this campaign is about the ways we are joining together to tackle the challenges our state, our nation, and our planet face,” said Tom Gorman, chair of the TNC Maine Board of Trustees. “That means joining science and action, joining with innovative partners, joining local and global efforts, and joining natural forces for a more resilient state and a brighter future.”

TNC Maine announced that to date it has raised $53 million in contributions toward a goal of $80 million in private philanthropy. That funding in turn is being used to leverage tens of millions of dollars in public and market-based funding to support collaborative conservation and climate action efforts around the state and beyond.

Here are some examples of the types of partnerships and initiatives the Join Maine campaign is working to support:

Joining Science & Action

Ever since TNC Maine was co-founded by Rachel Carson in 1956, acting boldly based on sound science has been in the organization’s DNA. Our work supporting the rapid deployment of solar and other renewables in a way that considers the impact on the landscape and local communities is one example of this.

Joining Science and Action The ability to imagine new solutions to environmental challenges–then act boldly based on sound science–is the hallmark of TNC Maine's work.

Joining New Partners

Climate change is too big for any one person or group to address alone, so working across traditional boundaries is essential. Close working partnerships with fishermen in the Gulf of Maine is one way TNC Maine is building new relationships critical for climate resilience.

Joining New Partners The Nature Conservancy understands that the full spectrum of human needs and perspectives must be considered to build a future where people and nature thrive.

Joining Local & Global

By working around the world, TNC is able to apply international insights to our work here in Maine, and to export our own expertise to inform projects around the globe. Learn about how TNC is applying lessons from Maine’s efforts on the Penobscot River to international river restoration efforts.

Joining Local & Global Our local efforts are vitally connected to the search for global solutions—and TNC’s international insights are informing our work in Maine.

Joining Natural Forces

The very ecosystems most threatened by climate change offer our most powerful solutions for addressing it. Connecting our lands and waters bolsters nature’s strength and resilience, supporting wildlife and human communities alike. One recent example is the collaborative conservation of Quill Hill to Perham Stream, which extends a critical wildlife corridor and supports local communities.

Joining Natural Forces Connecting our lands and waters supports nature’s strength and resilience in the face of climate change.

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