Landscape photo of corporate building slightly obscured by smog.
Smog in Hartford, Connecticut Haze obscures the Hartford skyline on June 6, 2023, in the final days of Connecticut's legislative session. © Dave Wurtzel/CT PUBLIC


The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut Encourages Everyone to Express Urgency of the Climate Crisis

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On Wednesday, June 7th, the Connecticut General Assembly concluded the 2023 legislative session without passing any new legislation to address the climate emergency. Outside the State Capitol building, Hartford was choking under a blanket of smoke and haze from Canadian wildfires, fueled in part by an unseasonably warm and dry spring due to climate change.

This can’t happen again. 

We can prove to the world that smart climate policies can improve people’s lives, and we need our elected leaders to embrace that sentiment. Between now and the 2024 General Assembly, we encourage everyone to write letters and emails to their state elected officials to express the urgency of the climate crisis. 

To find the name and contact information for your representative, click here.

Below is a form email you are welcome to copy and send to your local representatives.

Dear [Name of elected official],

Smart public policy is the most powerful tool we have to fight climate change, but this year Connecticut’s elected representatives failed to make it a priority when our state should be a leader in this fight. That is not what your voters want to see. 

As Connecticut moves towards sector-wide decarbonization and electrification, some have raised concerns these actions will raise costs for Connecticut residents. However, the rising and volatile price of fossil fuels for heating, transportation and electricity are the root cause of increased costs. Over the long term, the ongoing transition from fossil to clean energy resources will protect customers from fossil fuel-driven price spikes and supply issues in the future. In fact, continued declines in the costs of renewable energy have made renewable resources cost competitive with conventional fuels, according to the most recent edition of Lazard’s energy cost analysis.

The climate crisis is unfolding all around us, and we can’t afford to take a year off. Next year, I hope you and your fellow elected officials will tackle this issue with the urgency it deserves. You need to recognize that the future of Connecticut depends on it. 


[Your name here]


The Nature Conservancy's Connecticut chapter has protected more than 53,000 acres of land and is engaging with communities throughout the state to help build and conserve a more resilient, livable world. 

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