Colombia forest
Sierra de Chiribiquete Parque Nacional Natural Sierra de Chiribiquete in Colombia. Photo credit. © Erika Nortemann

Plant a Billion Trees


Planting to help restore the Colombian Amazon

Colombia´s Amazon region spans close to 48 million hectares (twice the size of Oregon), of which 48% are legally recognized indigenous territories and another 20% are National Natural Parks, leading to a remarkable, globally important wealth of biological and cultural diversity. However, the Amazon region of Colombia has the country’s highest deforestation rate. This loss is especially concentrated in the states of Caquetá and Meta, which combined represent half of national deforestation.

The Nature Conservancy is working on the Colombian Restoration project, promoting strategic multi-stakeholder arrangements that bring together local communities, governments and other influential stakeholders that support the alignment of forest conservation and restoration, with sustainable production and social agendas. By aligning the interests of key stakeholders within a restoration strategy, TNC achieves multiple wins: increased forest and biodiversity protection and connectivity; increased carbon storage contributing to climate change mitigation; and increased productivity and profitability for local communities depending on forests.

Lejanias Meta
Lejanias (Meta)
Located where 22% of the country’s deforestation is taking place. We are restoring areas by planting endemic species that are important for connectivity, water regulation, & carbon
Colombia forest
Piedmont Forest, Caquetá
The gateway to the Colombian Amazon. We are implementing agroforestry systems and strengthening environmental governance to boost low carbon development.

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