Red-headed woodpecker
Red-headed woodpecker Minisink Valley Preserve is home to red-headed woodpeckers. © Shutterst

Places We Protect

Minisink Valley Preserve

New Jersey

This densely-forested preserve protects streams of near pristine water quality.

Why You Should Visit
Just a mile from the New York-New Jersey border and Interstate 84, the Minisink Preserve is home to the high-quality Clove Brook which drains into the Neversink River in New York. Hemlock ravines and hillside forests connect the preserve to High Point State Park. The preserve includes a former 10-acre gravel mine which the Conservancy is currently restoring. Red-headed woodpeckers, black bear, and bobcats make their home here. There is currently no public access, but plans are underway to develop a parking lot and trail system.

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site
In 2007, the Conservancy identified the Minsink area as a particularly important place to protect in order to provide over time a protected lands corridor from High Point State Park and the many other protected lands on the Kittatinny Ridge to the Delaware River. The Kittatinny Ridge is important for migrating raptors and songbirds. The Clove Brook watershed is also home to large wetland meadows.

What the Conservancy Has Done/Is Doing
The first 75 acre purchase was a parcel that had been slated for a strip mall. The second 110 acre purchase contained a gravel mine on an upstream tributary that was affecting  water quality downstream in Clove Brook. The Conservancy is currently working to reforest the former gravel mine and reduce erosion and sedimentation downstream. In addition to developing a parking lot and trail system, the Conservancy also plans to open the Preserve to deer hunting in the near future.


Montague Township, Sussex County.

Acres Protected
183 acres


Minisink Valley Preserve is open to the public, however no formal parking area exists.

This preserve is open to the public from dawn to dusk. For more information about the preserve please call the Chapter office at 908-879-7262 or email