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Newark Pond Natural Area


Loon on the water.
SPNewark. Common Loon by Betty Vallee The Conservancy has helped protect critical loon nesting sites like Newark Pond. © Betty Vallee

The call of the loon signals wilderness in the northern boreal forest of Vermont.



The Newark Pond Natural Area includes a small island with nesting loons and 2,410 feet of wild and protected shoreline.

Why TNC Selected This Site

TNC owns and manages land at Newark Pond in order to protect loon nesting habitat.

Why You Should Visit

A nature trail loops through the forest around to the shoreline and canoers can put in at the public fishing access at the north end of the pond.  Please read our Preserve Visitation Guidelines.

What to See: Animals

Newark Pond is a documented nesting site for the common loon, a state threatened species. The Vermont Center for Ecostudies monitors loon activity on the pond. Common loons can be seen from the Conservancy’s trail along the shore of Newark Pond. Please stay at least 200 feet from loon nests May 15 to August 15.




Come see the nesting site for the common loon at the Newark Pond Natural Area.


44 acres

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