Places We Protect

The Kerry Landreth Preserve, McCloud River


Fall foliage on trees on the banks of a river.
McCloud River Preserve The Kerry Landreth Preserve at McCloud River: A Legacy for Nature and People © Levi Miller

Please use our online reservation system for fishing tags. Bookings open at 9:00 a.m. PST on February 1st. We no longer accept reservations by phone or email.

Each angler is limited to two tags per month, with a maximum of two consecutive days. Ex: If you request Sun., Sept. 29th and Mon., Sept. 30th, then you may not also request Tues., Oct. 1st and Wed., Oct. 2nd. (You may reserve five tags for a day during your transaction, but one tag is equivalent to one angler.)

Make a Difference in California

Together, we can achieve transformative change on a scale that’s attainable—for the McCloud, for California and for the world.

The Kerry Landreth Preserve at the McCloud River (4:28) We take you to the Kerry Landreth Preserve at the McCloud River. Meet the native species that call this place home, and find out where water for millions of Californians comes from by following its path from glacial melt on Mount Shasta, through the McCloud and into the Sacramento River.