Places We Protect

The Kerry Landreth Preserve, McCloud River


Fall foliage on trees on the banks of a river.
McCloud River Preserve The Kerry Landreth Preserve at McCloud River: A Legacy for Nature and People © Levi Miller

Attention: New On-line Reservation System Is Available for the 2023 Fishing Season. We will no longer be accepting reservations by phone or email.

Each angler is limited to two tags per month, a max. of two consecutive days. Ex: If you request Fri., Sept. 29th and Sat., Sept. 30th, then you may not also request Sun., Oct. 1st and Mon., Oct. 2nd. (You may reserve five tags for a day during your transaction, but one tag is equivalent to one angler.)

Make a Difference in California

Together, we can achieve transformative change on a scale that’s attainable—for the McCloud, for California and for the world.