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Ledgewood Preserve


A view of the ocean from a rocky shore.

Providing habitat for wildlife and roosting areas for ospreys and bald eagles.



This 27-acre preserve protects 0.6 miles of shoreline along the Dry Point Peninsula in Sheepscot Bay. Its forests feature red and white spruce and balsam fir, low shrubs such as common juniper, lowbush blueberry, and huckleberry, and a dense cover of moss and ferns. The preserve provides habitat for wildlife and roosting areas for osprey and bald eagles.

Visitors are welcome to use the beach and the trail along the shoreline beginning on the paved road, beyond the camps. Please do not pass the stone pillars at the southern end of the road which is private property.

Trail Characteristics: A gently-uphill-sloping road leads 0.2-mile to the trailhead. The first viewpoint is reached in 375 feet over a 4-foot wide, mostly flat, compacted dirt trail with some protruding rocks and roots. The remainder of trail is just over 0.2 miles with steeper grades and some narrow sections, including over an old rock wall. The trail reconnects back to the road approximately 0.5 miles from the parking lot.

Thank you for helping to protect the natural resources.

  • Please stay on trails. To avoid disturbing the natural inhabitants, leashed dogs are permitted on the paved road only—please dispose of your pet’s waste properly.
  • The preserve is open for day use only.
  • Leave only footprints, take only photographs.
  • If the parking lot is full, please return another day. There is no parking along the road, and please do not block the gate.




Dusk to Dawn Only—no overnight camping.


Visitors a small beach and a trail along the shoreline.


27 acres

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