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Snow rests on autumn leaves after a fall storm on Stone’s Pocket Road.
Baraboo Hills Remarkable for the large area of deep forest and mountain-like creek that it protects, Baxter's Hollow is TNC's largest preserve in Wisconsin. © Steve S. Meyer

Make a Difference in Wisconsin

For 60 years, people like you have helped The Nature Conservancy protect more than 242,100 acres of Wisconsin’s quiet lakes, Northwoods forests, winding rivers and sun-kissed prairies. We’re building on that legacy and bringing people together to help solve today’s biggest conservation challenges from climate change and habitat loss to protecting clean water. Together we’re stronger!

A young person holds a white bag and kneels in a field to pull weeds.
Pulling invasive plants: A student volunteer pulls up garlic mustard. © Lainet Garcia-Rivera/TNC