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Healthy Forests = Clean Water = Great Beer

Forests, Water, Beer: Hopworks Urban Brewery OktoberForest partner Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) is as dedicated to sustainability as they are to brewing great beer. HUB founder and head brewmaster Christian Ettinger discusses the connection between forests, water, and beer and how HUB is lowering its water footprint.

Your favorite Oregon brew is more than 90 percent water. The next time you crack open a cold one, take a moment to think about that water’s origins. Prior to flowing into the brewery and mixing with hops, barley and yeast, it was naturally filtered through our forested watersheds. Healthy forest ecosystems gathered water from rain and fog and absorbed, purified, and slowly released it into rivers, lakes, and streams where it created and sustained life on its way to the tap.

Clean water is essential for great beer—and healthy forests clean water. At least half of the drinking water in the United States is stored and filtered through our forests, but many of these forests are in immediate need of restoration to reduce the risk of severe fire events that would threaten water quality. We’re working hard to make that happen to ensure healthy forests can continue to provide us with clean water—for beer and beyond. We have over 246 breweries in Oregon and all the best ones agree: clean water matters. 

Forests, Water, Beer: Deschutes Brewery OktoberForest partner Deschutes Brewery understands the magic of brewing with good water. That's why they love the water in Bend, OR, and the forests that help filter that water.