Community and Conservation Specialist Angie Burke talks to hikers in forest at Big Darby Headwaters Preserve.
Big Darby Headwaters Hike Community and Conservation Specialist Angie Burke orients hikers to Big Darby Headwaters Preserve. © David Ike

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Volunteering in Ohio

Become a part of our volunteer community and help steward Ohio's natural areas for people and wildlife.

Welcome to Our Ohio Volunteer Program!

Thank you for your interest in helping advance our work. There is much to be done, and we need your help. When you sign up to volunteer for The Nature Conservancy, you will be welcomed into a family of dedicated individuals committed to protecting our state's finest natural areas.

Whether you are interested in getting your boots dirty on our trails or organizing data at our office, we have a role for you.

Volunteers hold bags of garlic mustard in forest.
Volunteer Work Day Volunteers pull garlic mustard at Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve © David Ike

Getting Started

Use this Volunteer Information Form to tell us about your interests and let us know the best way to reach you.  Send this form to our Volunteer Coordinator, Angela Burke, at You will then be added to our volunteer email list and will receive updates on events in your area. Learn more about our volunteer program by reading our Volunteer Handbook in the Volunteer Resources section below.

Woman works on computer in her home.
Virtual Volunteer Orientation Join TNC Ohio staff for a virtual orientation to learn more about volunteering opportunities near you. © Unsplash

Virtual Volunteer Orientation

Knowing what to expect and what to do when you first start volunteering can be overwhelming. The Nature Conservancy has many online resources that can help get you started. And, starting in 2023, local staff will be hosting virtual orientations for volunteers to get an insider's look at what participating in a volunteer project or event is like. These orientations occur every other month for one hour. Reach out to to learn more or to sign up for an orientation.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Two volunteers plant trees at Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve.

    Tree Planting

    Once dominated by forests, Ohio’s landscape has been heavily altered since colonization. Volunteers can help restore the beauty and bounty of our forests and protect the integrity of wildlife habitat through tree planting.

  • Volunteer holds a bag of invasive garlic mustard at Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve.

    Native Plant Stewardship

    Nuisance plants threaten Ohio’s natural areas by displacing native plants, degrading wildlife habitat and increasing erosion and siltation in streams. Volunteers can help TNC remove these plants from preserves throughout the state.

  • Newly collected native plant seed in cupped hand.

    Seed Collection

    Native plants are critically important to the health of ecosystems. Volunteers can help TNC collect native plant seeds that will be propagated and used in restoration and habitat protection projects throughout the state.

  • Volunteer talks to youth about an exhibit in a glass container at Bissell Nature Center in Ashtabula County.

    Education and Outreach

    There are so many opportunities to engage nature lovers through education and outreach at TNC. Volunteers can lead a nature hike or engage visitors at our Bissell Nature Center at the Grand River Conservation Campus in Ashtabula County.

  • Volunteers use hand tools to build a trail in forest.

    Trail Maintenance

    Trail maintenance is essential in keeping preserves neat and natural so they can continue to be a source of pride for the community and a refuge for rare plants and animals. Volunteers can help TNC with routine trail upkeep like removing debris.

  • Volunteer Angie Cole observes butterflies on blue lupine at Kitty Todd Nature Preserve.

    Wildlife and Habitat Monitoring

    Understanding changes in the land or wildlife abundance is critical to the conservation of natural areas. From documenting different pollinators to monitoring the native plant communities, volunteers can help us evaluate changes over time.

Community and Conservation Specialist Angie Burke headshot.
Angie Burke Ohio Community and Conservation Specialist © David Ike

Get in Touch!

Our energetic Community and Conservation Specialist Angie Burke will help you jump right in to becoming a volunteer. Whether you've done conservation work before or you are just learning how to get started, Angie can help you find your footing and will welcome you into our community.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities by Region: 

We have a few opportunities for individuals to take ownership of projects. Contact Community and Conservation Specialist Angie Burke at if you are interested in any of the following:

Northwest Ohio

  • Regular preserve stewards to remove invasive plants at Kitty Todd Nature Preserve. Year round, flexible schedule.
  • Demonstration garden maintenance at Kitty Todd Preserve. Weekly, March-November, flexible schedule.
  • Community outreach at local preserves (Kitty Todd Preserve or Great Egret Marsh Preserve) or special events. Flexible schedule.
  • Hike leader and naturalist. First Saturday of each month May-October at Kitty Todd Preserve.

Northeast Ohio

Central Ohio

  • Biological monitoring of pollinators at Big Darby Headwaters. April-October.
  • Trail and Natural Play Area maintenance at Big Darby Headwaters. Year round, flexible schedule.
  • Regular preserve stewards to remove invasive plants at Big Darby Headwaters. Year round, flexible schedule.
  • General office assistance at TNC Ohio headquarters in Dublin, Ohio. Year round, flexible schedule.

Southern Ohio

  • Trail maintenance at The Edge of Appalachia Preserve System. Year round, flexible schedule.
  • Regular preserve stewards to maintain prairie openings and restoration sites. Year round, flexible schedule.