Wild blue lupine blooms paint a field with shades of purple against an orange sunset.
Kitty Todd Nature Preserve Wild blue lupine blooms at Kitty Todd Nature Preserve in northwest Ohio. © Andy Morrison

Preserving Nature in Ohio

From our lakes and rivers to our wetlands and forests, Ohio's lands and waters support a rich history of culture, recreation and biodiversity. Discover how The Nature Conservancy is working with partners across the state to preserve and protect our incredible natural areas for generations to come.

Places We Protect

From wetlands and rivers to forests and prairies, TNC is protecting Ohio's most biodiverse places throughout the state. Learn more about our preserves and plan your visit today!

Wetland habitat at Morgan Swamp Preserve.
A field of blue lupine blooming at Kitty Todd Nature Preserve.
Waterfall as seen through the trees at the Helen C. Black Trail at Cedar Falls Preserve.
Boardwalk trail extends into lush forest at Brown's Lake Bog Preserve.
View across Snow Lake  in autumn at Lucia S. Nash Preserve with red and gold trees along the banks.
Blue lupine blooming at Kitty Todd Nature Preserve.
Lupine Kitty Todd Preserve Lupine Kitty Todd Preserve. © Randall L. Schieber