High Mountain Park Preserve

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Take the High Mountain Challenge

Challenge yourself on 1200 acres, 11 miles of trails, 800 feet of elevation. Run with us.

Elevate your exercise—quite literally—by taking our High Mountain Challenge! We have teamed up with ultramarathoner, Instagrammer and New Jersey native Jessica Bagley to raise awareness of our High Mountain Park Preserve, a protected 1,260-acre gem in North Haledon and Wayne. 

Challenge Yourself Run with me. Take the High Mountain Challenge.

Here’s How it Works

Get yourself and your phone to the summit of High Mountain by walking, jogging, running, crawling, dancing, whatever your preferred method of self-locomotion. It is a varied-terrain hike of about 1.5 miles—including a fairly steep, rigorous climb at the end—that will take you 880 feet above sea level. If you are up for it, try to beat NJ ultramarathoner Jessica’s time of 15 minutes and 3 seconds.

When you get to the top, stop to enjoy the sweeping vistas of the Manhattan skyline and northern New Jersey, and to take an obligatory selfie. Share that selfie, with or without your time, on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #highmountainchallenge, and we'll include you in the photo gallery below!

Don’t forget to stop at the High Mountain entrance kiosk to access details of how to claim a free Nature Conservancy car magnet to show your High Mountain pride. Tell your friends, and see you at the summit!

Summit of High Mountain
Summit of High Mountain View of New York City from the summit of High Mountain Park Preserve © TNC
High Mountain Park Preserve
High Mountain Park Preserve Do you have what it takes to hike to the summit of High Mountain? © TNC

A natural oasis amid urban sprawl, unique High Mountain Park Preserve is located in the Preakness Range of the Watchung Mountains. Its rolling and often steep terrain provides 11.5 miles of often-challenging hiking trails. Panoramic vistas include stunning views from High Mountain's summit, where you can see New York City and much of northern New Jersey. 

Challenge yourself to explore High Mountain.

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