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The Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire

Two people on snowshoes look out over a snowy vista.
Green Hills Preserve Bekah Herndon and Joe Klementovich snowshoeing in the newly-acquired 1,300 acre parcel of land at the south end of the Green Hills Preserve, New Hampshire. The addition expanded the overall uninterrupted acreage of the preserve to 5,500 acres. It is an important watershed and drainage basin for the Saco River and habitat for deer, black bear, moose, bobcat, fisher, brook trout, mink, beavers and more. Portions of the acreage are undergoing revegetation and restoration of native plant species. © Ben Herndon

Make a Difference in New Hampshire

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Since 1961, we've been working in New Hampshire to do just that. Together with partners, local landowners and the support of members like you, we have helped to protect nearly 300,000 acres and 680 miles of rivers and streams in the Granite State.