A wide expanse of corn plants a foot or two high under an orange sunset.
Corn Fields Corn fields at sunset. © Will Conkwright

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Soil Health Project Seeks Central Nebraska Farmers

A new partnership is focused on sustainable practices that will benefit farmers and nature.

The Nebraska Soil Carbon Project is a Nature Conservancy-led collaboration with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Upper Big Blue and Central Platte Natural Resource Districts, the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC), Cargill, Target and McDonald's.

About the Project

"Our goal is to team up with approximately 100 producers to enroll 100,000 acres over five years," says Dr. Hannah Birge, Director of Water and Agriculture for The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska. "Farmers who enroll will be compensated for adopting cover crops, no-till and/or diverse rotations." 

A smiling, bearded man holding a plant.
Farmer Ryan Shaw holds a cover crop planted to protect the health of the soil in his fields. © Fauna Creative

Get Enrollment Details

Download the Nebraska Soil Carbon Project's recruitment and enrollment information for an in-depth description of the timeline, data privacy, farmer expectations and key contacts. 

Nebraska Soil Carbon Project By The Numbers

  • 100,000 acres of new soil health practices in central Nebraska croplands
  • Five years
  • Around 100 farmers
  • 3 practices: no-till, diversified rotations and/or cover crops
  • $8.8 million dollar budget
  • 150,000 estimated metric tons of CO2-E stored
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