A group of people wading in shallow creek in autumn.
Indiana Chapter staff Wading in Big Pine Creek in west central Indiana © Brooke Sauter/Benton Co SWCD

Stories in Indiana

Indiana Chapter Staff

Working to create lasting solutions in Indiana and around the world.

The Nature Conservancy's Indiana chapter is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that, as a team, we perform best when both staff and board members bring a wide variety of skills, perspectives, backgrounds and resources to address the complex and dynamic challenges we face conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.

Larry Clemens headshot.
Larry Clemens State Director © Cristina Rutter

Larry Clemens, State Director

Larry’s work ranges from leading the implementation of our conservation vision and launching new initiatives to working closely with the Chapter’s volunteer trustees. This diversity of work is for a single purpose—to address the most pressing environmental issues facing Indiana.

“Over sixty years ago we started protecting Indiana’s most important places, and we’ve learned over the years that to truly protect those places and natural systems, we need to look beyond the boundaries of those places. Water flows, air moves and so do seeds, animals and people. Nature does not know property lines or boundaries but has tremendous value to our society. Going forward, please join me to inspire all Hoosiers to join us on this journey of recognizing the true value of nature.”

Matt Williams portrait.
Matt Williams Director of Conservation Programs © Matt Williams

Matt Williams, Director of Conservation Programs

Matt provides direction and leadership for our conservation work in Indiana. He is most passionate about his work with Conserving Resilient Lands and Water.

“I love knowing that the special places we protect will be there forever. Maybe one day my kids or grandkids will be able to enjoy hiking, birdwatching, or just getting some fresh air at one of these places we’ve protected for future generations to enjoy.”

John Shuey headshot.
John Shuey Director of Science © Claire Corbin

John Shuey, Director of Science

John guides our efforts connected with scientific research, conservation site planning, large-scale restoration planning, and climate change adaptation strategies for the Chapter’s preserves, designing sites and strategies to weather impending change.

“When I look back at what we have accomplished over the last three decades – I am amazed and proud.  It’s a wonderful team effort!”

Trevor Edmonson portrait.
Trevor Edmonson Kankakee Sands Site Manager © Trevor Edmonson

Trevor Edmonson, Kankakee Sands Site Manager

Trevor and his team manage more than 8,000 acres of high-quality sand prairie, wetlands, oak savanna and TNC's only bison herd in Indiana.

"I am thankful every day to be stewarding a large-scale ecological restoration project with a great team of people. I can’t imagine a better fit for me."

Seth Harden portrait.
Seth Harden Upper Wabash River Project Director © Brooke Sauter/Benton Co. SWCD

Seth Harden, Upper Wabash River Project Director

Seth works in the Upper Wabash River watershed, building key relationships, calibrating opportunities for education and building a local network to sustain regenerative and resilient agriculture systems across the landscape.

“It is an honor to work to conserve and showcase the natural resources and beauty of my home state.”

Mary Fales headshot.
Mary Fales Midwest Soil Health & Nutrient Strategy Director © Mary Fales

Mary Fales, Midwest Soil Health & Nutrient Strategy Director

Mary leads the implementation of TNC’s Soil Health and Nutrient Strategy with a team of individuals across five states working to achieve conservation goals set to protect freshwater.

“The most interesting, and challenging part of my job has been trying to understand human decision making and long-term behavior change. All of our work in agricultural conservation, no matter what audience we are working with (farmers, ag retailers, companies, consumers etc.), demands we understand social science and that intrigues me every day.”

Cassie Hauswald sitting on a beer keg next to the White River holding a mussel.
Cassie Hauswald Freshwater Ecologist © Matt Williams/TNC

Cassie Hauswald, Freshwater Ecologist

Cassie leads TNC’s work with Indiana’s freshwater mussel populations, including the repatriation of species to rivers with improved water quality.

“I wish everyone knew the source of their drinking water. Folks might demand better care of our land if they thought about the path their water took to get to the river or aquifer that they depend on for themselves and their families.”

Angela Hughes headshot.
Angela Hughes Director of Development © TNC

Angela Hughes, Director of Development

Angela connects donors’ interests to The Nature Conservancy’s work and ensures we have the resources needed to accomplish our goals. She enjoys witnessing the joy of our generous and thoughtful donors as they become engaged partners in our mission.

“It’s an honor to work for The Nature Conservancy! I am lucky to work with such amazing colleagues and donors to further a mission I care deeply about.”

John Ketzenberger portrait.
John Ketzenberger Director of Government Relations © Laura Sertic/TNC

John Ketzenberger, Director of Government Relations

John leads policy development and engagement to advance TNC's goals to fight climate change and biodiversity loss.

“Nature is the tonic for what ails all of us, and I am fortunate to work every day helping others realize how they can get the cure.”

Melissa Moran portrait.
Melissa Moran Director of Community Programs © Fauna Creative

Melissa Moran, Director of Community Programs

Melissa leads the Indiana Chapter's Inspiring People for Nature strategy, engaging people to act on behalf of nature.

“A world where people and nature thrive is possible, and I see every day at TNC how people make a positive difference for nature. I enjoy sharing experiences of the wonder of nature and about how nature supports life all around us, and seek to inspire others to help protect our natural world.”

Anna Lundorf portrait.
Anna Lundorf Director of Finance & Operations © TNC

Anna Lundorf, Director of Finance & Operations

Anna supports and leads the chapter’s finance, operations, and human resource efforts. Her focus includes people-based initiatives, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“It’s rewarding to be in a role that works so closely with colleagues across the Conservancy, and together identify business solutions that will make a lasting impact on people and nature.”

Additional Indiana Chapter staff:

  • Joel Perez-Castaneda, Southern Lake Michigan Rim Project Director
  • Allen Pursell, Director of Forest Conservation
  • Mike Dunn, Director of Freshwater Conservation
  • Fiona Becker, Conservation Information Manager/GIS Manager
  • Emily Biesecker, Director of Land Strategies
  • Esme Barniskis, Volunteer & Events Coordinator
  • Peter Bauson, Southern Indiana Land Stewardship Assistant
  • Stephanie Collins, Associate Director of Development
  • Erin Crowther, Donor Relations Manager
  • Amy DeHaven, Finance Specialist
  • Mike Everidge, Land Steward
  • Jessica Fernandez, Restoration Crew Leader
  • Vince Garmon, Land Protection Specialist
  • Nate Gatti, Steward for Southern Lake Michigan Rim Project
  • Ryan Goetz, Land Steward
  • Jessica Gomez, Land Steward at Kankakee Sands
  • Swati Gunale, Associate Director of Development
  • Cristi Hall, Operations Coordinator
  • Carly Hlebasko, Restoration Crew Leader for Southern Lake Michigan Rim Project
  • Nathan Herbert, Northeast Indiana Steward
  • Kathy Kapheim, Development Ops Specialist
  • Christine Krejci, Executive Assistant to the State Director and Trustee Liaison
  • Garet Litwiler, Conservation Technician at Kankakee Sands
  • Susan MiHalo, Conservation Coordinator for Southern Lake Michigan Rim Project
  • Sean Mobley, Senior Policy Associate for Climate & Clean Energy
  • Jesse Moore, Land Steward
  • Bob Neary, Conservation Information Manager
  • Chris Neggers, Forester
  • Alyssa Nyberg, Restoration Ecologist at Kankakee Sands
  • Stuart Orr, Indiana Fire Manager/Conservation Practitioner
  • Katey Powell, Northwest Indiana Land Steward
  • Kayleigh Rayburn, Development Assistant
  • Olivia Schouten, Land Steward at Kankakee Sands
  • Laura Sertic, Administrative Assistant
  • Carolyn Small, Associate Director of Development
  • Maria Stahl, Donor Communications Manager
  • Angela Sturdevant, Stewardship Manager
  • Beth Warner, Private Awards Specialist & Conservation Coordinator
  • Deb K. Williams, Finance Administrator
  • Dennis Zulkowski, IT Manager

Media Inquiries: To schedule an interview with a member of our science, conservation or policy staff, please contact Chip Sutton, Marketing Manager, by phone at 317-829-3915 or email csutton@tnc.org.