Florida Coast
Coastline at dusk. © Kinzie + Riehm

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Protecting and Restoring Our Coasts

How TNC Protects Florida's Coasts

TNC is dedicated to supporting natural systems along our coasts, implementing nature-based solutions to help minimize risk to coastal communities from storms and sea level rise. These natural coastal systems provide healthy habitats for wildlife, support recreational opportunities, increase natural beauty, and boost livelihoods that depend on our oceans.

Coastal mangrove forests serve as a breeding gound for sea life and a natural barrier against storms and sea level rise erosion. © Ralph Pace
Coastal mangroves These serve as breeding grounds for sea life and a natural barrier against storms and sea level rise. © Ralph Pace

We’re informing decision makers to ensure important language is included in legislation to safeguard our coastlines. We're providing expertise to improve climate mitigation and adaptation activities.

Coral Planting
Coral Restoration Outplanting coral in Dry Tortugas National Park. © Rachel Hancock Davis/TNC

We’re using sound science and developing technologies including scientific modeling and mapping, and sharing our online tools with planners, economists and ecologists to inform coastal planning and long-term coastal solutions. With our low-lying Florida Keys and shallow Gulf of Mexico coasts, even the lowest of sea level rise projections show dramatic changes to native habitats and billions of dollars in property loss.

We’re monitoring our coral reefs and informing reef management, leading the largest coordinated coral reef data collection and analysis effort through our Florida Reef Resilience Program.

We’re testing the best available technologies, such as advanced biodegradeable materials for underwater habitat restoration.

Biodegradable Oyster Mats
Oyster Mats Made from biodegradable potato starch. © Anne Birch/TNC

We’re collaborating in impactful partnerships with government agencies, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, universities, engineering firms and industry experts, working together for successful outcomes.

The health of our oceans and coastal systems is essential. We’re making our oceans and coasts a conservation priority.

Critical Water Issues: Algal Blooms and Red Tide

Noxious algal blooms from blue-green algae and red tide are devastating to wildlife and livelihoods. Learn what we're doing in Florida to address this significant problem.