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Two Futures. One Choice.

Choose wisely

A split image with a closeup of half of a fox on the right and an empty blurry landscape on the left.
Biodiversity There is a future where we are not the only dominant species. © TNC

Climate change is here and California is at a crossroads. We can take action or we can let life in our state become unbearable. We've already seen what's coming. From catastrophic megafires to a never ending drought, these disasters have become our new normal. 

The Nature Conservancy has protected over a million acres in California and brought species back from the brink of extinction. We have a vision for a climate resilient California and we have a plan to make it a reality.

You are part of this plan. Two futures lie ahead, and you have a choice to make. Make it now

Your Journey to Climate Action

  • Pledge to make fighting climate change a priority in your life


    to make fighting climate change a priority in your life.

  • Educate yourself with monthly conservation learnings and the TNC webinar series.


    yourself with monthly conservation learnings and the TNC webinar series.

  • Commit to simple carbon-reducing lifestyle changes.


    to simple carbon-reducing lifestyle changes.

  • Support one of the on-the-ground strategies you’ve learned about.


    one of the on-the-ground strategies you’ve learned about.

Sign the “One Choice” Pledge

You are part of the climate solution. Want to know how? Sign the pledge! You'll take environmental action in your own life. We’ll guide you through every step, but it starts with the pledge.

Sign the pledge!
 TNC staff monitoring salmon in a river.
Hiker overlooks a super bloom in Carrizo Plain National Monument.
  Staff Research Associate for UC Davis Center for watershed Sciences conducting research in the Shasta River.
Clean up on Ormond Beach, California.
TNC biologist, Mike Beck, performs rockfish survey in upper canopy of mixed giant kelp and bull kelp off  California.
Nature is Our Solution (1:33) Ewan McGregor voices TNC's video anthem, filmed in critical ecosystems across California. Experience nature’s role in addressing threats like wildfire and poor air quality and see TNC’s science in action.

Take Action!

There's a lot we can do in our own lives to make a difference.

Sustainable Investing


  • Locally grown and collected vegetables sorted for cooking at Long Laay (Long Laai) village.

    What You Can Do | Save Water at the Grocery Store

    Keep meats and cheeses to a minimum — because crops used to raise animals tend to require the most water to grow. Nuts, especially almonds and pistachios, are particularly water intensive. Pick produce from small farms over corporate agriculture. Save water in your shopping cart, not just your shower.


  • A diver swims among trash—including plastic bottles and medical masks.

    What We're Doing | Historic Plastics Bill PASSES

    This month, TNC helped pass Senate Bill 54, the most ambitious and comprehensive plastic waste reduction legislation in the nation. This will significantly reduce the production of single-use plastics in CA and fight harmful plastic pollution. See how we did it.

  • Aerial view of marshland.

    Webinar | Facing Our Future: California Climate

    Join Laura Crane, Director of TNC CA's Climate Program, as she dives deep into our Climate Program's work to harness the power of nature based solutions. From our forests to our cities, every landscape and every person has a role to play. Register Now! It's Free!

Plastic Pollution

  • A washing machine and dryer side by side.

    What You Can Do | Catch Your Microfibers

    The plastics you can't see are just as insidious as the plastics you can. Tiny plastic microfibers shed from your synthetic clothes when they are manufactured and washed, and those microfibers are making their way into our environment. Learn how to catch them!

  • Dr. Alexis Jackson, TNC's Ocean Policy and Plastics Lead, sits on a fashion panel at SXSW.

    What We're Doing | Cleaning Up Fashion

    At TNC, we're working to stop plastic microfiber shedding at the beginning and end of the supply chain. Marine Biologist Dr. Alexis Jackson joined a fashion panel at the SXSW conference to discuss how we can reduce plastic waste in the industry. Watch the video!

  • Kids cleaning up a beach using grabbers and plastic garbage bags.

    Volunteer | Beach Clean Ups

    It's World Oceans Month. Volunteer with the Surfrider Foundation at a beach clean up near you. Find an event!

Ecosystem Restoration 

  • The Pacific Ocean and rock formations on Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands.

    Webinar | State of Our Oceans | May 10th

    Climate change is hitting our oceans hard. But few can see what's happening beneath the waves. Join Tom Dempsey, Director of our California Oceans Team, for the State of Our Oceans webinar to learn what’s going on and what you can do. Register Now!

  • Two people in yellow reflective vests walk beneath large flat metal structures.

    What You Can Do | Green Your Grid

    You might not know it, but California energy providers offer a variety of renewable energy programs for customers. You've already calculated your carbon footprint, now it's time to "green" your personal energy use. Green Your Grid!

  • Two people in yellow reflective vests walk beneath large flat metal structures.

    What We're Doing | Sierra Nevada Restoration

    With a series of four forest restoration projects, TNC is working to protect the Sierra Nevada from megafires. See how our projects are going from 2,300 acres to 2.4 million acres. Growing Our Impact


  • A diver in a sea of barracuda.


    Join us on April 21st for TNC California's Virtual Earth Day Summit. Hear from conservation luminaries like Paul Hawken, expert scientists like Dr. Michael Mann and committed advocates like Meryl Streep in three panel discussions. Register Now!

  • A TNC scientist measures a tree to help assess the forest's carbon storage capacity.

    What You Can Do | Calculate Your Carbon Emissions

    The first step to reducing your carbon emissions is knowing how much you're producing. Use our interactive calculator to determine your carbon footprint. Find Out Your Carbon Footprint!

  • Two people in yellow reflective vests walk beneath large flat metal structures.

    What We're Doing | Historic Climate Policy

    In 2021 the state of California allocated more money to climate resilience than any state in our country's history. TNC was a big part of that and now we're making sure that money is translating into action on the ground. Get in the room where it happens.