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The sun shines just above grassy hills over a field of California poppies.
California Spring A sunset after a rain in California poppy covered hills. © Jay Huang/TNC Photo Contest 2019

Our hearts go out to all who are affected by fires in Hawaiʻi

Fires destroyed Lāhainā, a vibrant coastal community on Maui, and fires in other parts of Maui burned homes and forests. Fires on Hawaiʻi Island burned more than a thousand acres. Although our teams are safe and our preserves are not impacted, the devastation is staggering. It is heartbreaking for Lāhainā and painful for all of us. You can help by donating to the recovery effort.

Two Futures. One Choice.

Climate change is here. It's up to us to adapt and fight the worst effects. TNC works to protect the ecosystems, species and natural resources that California relies on and that make our state unlike anywhere else. From stopping megafires to restoring our coasts, we access the power of nature to protect the thing that matters most: our home.

Make a Difference

Nature isn’t far off in the mountains or the forest, it’s the air we breathe and the water we drink. The way we treat nature determines the way nature treats us, for better...or worse.