Priority Landscapes

Southern High Plains

A man and a woman walking towards each other on a large grass hill.
Southern High Plains TNC scientists explore biodiversity potential at Bohart Ranch, one of the conservation targets of the Southern High Plains Initiative.. © Terri Schulz/TNC

One of the largest opportunities for grassland conservation in the U.S.

The Southern High Plains of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas are home to pronghorn, grassland birds and more iconic wildlife. TNC is working with partners to conserve a network of land and water across state boundaries that boosts climate resilience, preserves biodiversity and supports sustainable agriculture. Together, we’re increasing the pace and scale of grassland protection.

Sights in the Southern High Plains

A landscape shot of a wall of red rocks with cactuses and grass growing on them; the rock wall extends to the distance.
A black-footed ferret is looking straight at the camera.
A black, white, and orange grasshopper perched on a human's finger.
A windmill on grass with sunset in the sky.
A landscape of several large green hills.
A prairie chicken on grasslands looking at the camera.
A bison herd walks across a dusty rolling landscape at sunset; one bison is closer to the foreground while the others are off in the distance.
A landscape view of a river flowing through grasslands.
A cow standing in a grass field looking at the camera.
The ground of a desert with blooming flowers and a canyon in the back.
Two men in cowboy hats riding horses on vast grasslands.
Cowboys on Parker Ranch Bill and son Tom Parker sold their ranch's development rights to TNC in 2008. Parker Ranch and two other holdings are part of 270,000 acres now protected. © Ian Shive

Stories in the Southern High Plains

  • Yellow flowers grow from the grass with blue mountains in the background.

    SOAR-ing to New Heights

    In a new initiative, TNC and partners are working with the Department of Defense to conserve a vast landscape in the Colorado Springs area while supporting agricultural, conservation and military interests. Learn about SOAR Colorado

  • A horse walking on grass with wildflowers and blue mountains in the horizon.

    Hear from TNC Staff in the field

    In this podcast episode of Mountain & Prairie, TNC's Matt Moorhead and Galen Guerrero-Murphy join Ed Roberson to discuss grasslands, ranching, building relationships and purpose-driven work in the Southern High Plains Initiative. Listen here