Located at Crazy French Ranch in southeast Colorado
Fisher's Peak Ranch Located at Crazy French Ranch in southeast Colorado © Lauryn Wachs/TNC

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Fisher’s Peak

Protecting land for nature and people.

As you cross the border into Colorado from New Mexico on I-25, one of the first things you see is Fisher’s Peak. This iconic table-top mountain is located on a 30-square-mile ranch just outside the city of Trinidad and is the symbol of the community.

The city of Trinidad approached The Nature Conservancy and the Trust for Public Land for help in purchasing the property, which happened in early 2019. The plan is to permanently protect the outstanding wildlife habitat while supporting the local economy by creating a publicly owned recreation and education area.

Capped by towering volcanic cliffs, the ranch’s rugged topography is made up of forests, grasslands, wetlands and streams. Local populations of elk, mule deer, black bear, mountain lion and bobcat, among others, are supported by the intact nature of this property.

“We hope to raise the bar for combining conservation and recreation,” says Matt Moorhead, conservation partnerships director for TNC in Colorado. 

By planning for both ecological and recreational goals from the ground floor, we’ll strive to show how solid conservation outcomes contribute to an economically thriving community, all while connecting future generations to nature

Conservation Partnerships Director for TNC in Colorado

The Fisher’s Peak Project partners will now work together with community members and stakeholders on a planning process for the land that includes conservation of the landscape’s wondrous natural resources, well-managed recreational access and educational use. This project will also present new economic opportunities for local businesses and preserve the cultural and natural history and identity of the area.

After the planning process is complete, the partners plan to transfer the property to public ownership.