Santarém, Brazil
Satarém, Brazil Santarém, Brazil © Erik Lopez/ TNC

Latin America Conservation Council

Sustainable Food

Double food production with no habitat loss.


Global demand for food is rising, and the expanding footprint of agriculture and ranching threaten the region’s last great forests and grasslands. On the seas, overfishing is pushing fish stocks to the brink of collapse.


Convene Green Growth Compacts with players along the value chain, promoting public policies, financial practices, and sourcing commitments that intensify production on the existing footprint to make Latin America a global leader in sustainable harvests, while protecting biodiversity.


Moore Foundation, Cargill, Bunge, Marfrig, Walmart, Bimbo, Dow, Lala, Bobolink Foundation, IDB, producer associations and government authorities—particularly in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.