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Latin America Conservation Council

Tackle Climate Change

Nature’s Path to a Stable Climate.


The world is at a crossroads regarding climate change, and some scientists warn that we are moving close to the point of no return. What we do this decade will determine the planet our children and grandchildren will inherit. The Latin American region has a determinant role to play, given its importance as a global food basket and home to the iconic Amazon rainforest, a provider of natural climate solutions with important benefits for people and biodiversity.


Protecting and restoring nature could provide 30% of the measures needed to limit global warming by 2030. We are helping translate LAR's climate commitments into on-the-ground actions. We are galvanizing partnerships to launch ambitious reforestation targets. We are launching creative schemes to restore reefs and floodplains and reduce the impact of rising seas and storms on coastal communities.


GEF, IKI, multilateral institutions such as IDB, industry associations, and government authorities particularly in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.