Santarém, Brazil
Balam Santarém, Brazil © Erik Lopez/ TNC

Latin America Conservation Council

Protect Biodiversity

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Indigenous Lands in the Amazon are under increasing threat from external and internal population growth, large infrastructure projects, and the expansion of cities, cattle ranching, agribusiness, and the timber industry. Tensions between state economic agendas and riverine and Indigenous communities' rights create a complex and dynamic situation. And mega infrastructure projects do not always listen to community input or consider their projects' long-term impact on regions and people. 


Building on the 60-year land protection legacy for which TNC is known, we partner with Indigenous People and local communities to strengthen their rights and roles as environmental stewards. We engage corporations and governments to ensure upcoming infrastructure investments flow to projects that meet environmental, economic, and community objectives. We encourage forward-thinking policies that amplify the scale and speed of conservation. 


Indigenous Peoples, federal, state, and local government authorities, companies conducting infrastructure, mining, and energy projects, and fishers' and rural producers' associations.