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Innovative Finance for the Amazon, Cerrado and Chaco (IFACC)

Imagem aérea de área de produção pecuária próxima a flroesta protegida.
RECUPERAÇÃO DE PAISAGENS Gado em propriedade rural no cerrado. © André Dib

Innovative Finance for the Amazon, Cerrado and Chaco (IFACC) is an initiative of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to accelerate lending and investment for climate-friendly beef and soy production models in the Amazon, Cerrado and Chaco.  IFACC sees expansion of such investment as a critical “piece of the puzzle” in transforming food production in these biomes, which complements other efforts such as supply chain sourcing commitments, traceability systems, public policies and jurisdictional approaches. Beef and soy production models in need of finance include expanding production over degraded pasturelands, raising yields (including sustainable intensification of cattle ranching), and protection and restoration of native vegetation.

Numerous financial mechanisms are already emerging to support these business models.  IFACC was created to help accelerate this market – with a goal of $1 billion disbursed by 2025 and $10 billion by 2030.  IFACC brings together leading companies, asset managers, banks and investors to raise visibility of the need for transitional finance in these sectors. IFACC also works with its signatories to implement and scale up new finance mechanisms, including support on environmental and social impact management, connections to catalytic capital providers, sharing the best intelligence on who is doing what, advising on opportunities to leverage corporate climate commitments and carbon markets, and bringing in the producer perspective through our Producer Advisory Group.

AN INTRODUCTION TO IFACC Innovative Finance for the Amazon, Cerrado and Chaco

Quote: Jennifer Morris

The level of ambition shown by the IFACC signatories demonstrates the depth of our shared commitment to achieving a world where deforestation-and-conversion-free soy and cattle production becomes the norm rather than the exception

CEO of The Nature Conservancy

Access the full report of the initiative “IFACC - Finance for a Forest-Positive Future report” at the IFACC Knowledge Hub,  where a wide variety of information is also available on innovative financing for sustainable agriculture in the biomes we seek to protect.

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