If Trees Could Sing

Rodney Atkins & the Eastern Redbud

Rodney Atkins talks about the Eastern redbud and the benefits that trees provide people.

Eastern Redbud Flowers

The purple-pink blossoms of the redbud spring from the bark and twigs.

Eastern Redbud Leaves

Redbud leaves are heart-shaped and pointed at the tip.

Redbuds bloom with magenta pink flowers in early spring.

Rodney Atkins

Country singer and songwriter Rodney Atkins grew up in rural east Tennessee, and his music often celebrates and explores the joys of real life out in the countryside and in small towns. Number one country hits like “Watching You,” “These Are My People,” “It’s America” and “Take a Back Road” have endeared him to fans coast to coast. In 2006, he won the Top New Male Vocalist Award by the Academy of Country Music.

Eastern Redbud Facts

  • Scientific name: Cercis canadensis
  • Range: across the Eastern U.S. into the Southwest
  • Height: up to 30 feet tall
  • Fruit: brown pod, 2-3" long
  • Flowers: magenta pink flowers appear in spring, growing all along the tree's branches
  • Edible: the redbud's flowers are edible with a slightly sour, nutty flavor
  • Fall colors: leaves turn bright yellow

You Can Take Care of Trees Like the Redbud

Mighty Cool Tree Fact

Did you know... that trees reduce noise pollution by absorbing sounds? Trees absorb the high frequency noises that are most disturbing to people.