in spring.
Flowering White Dogw in spring. © Janet Haas

The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee

If Trees Could Sing

Preserving Our Trees

Help Trees Sing

If Trees Could Sing brings together an array of musical artists to bring to life how important trees are to people. These musicians have lots to say about their favorite trees!

Trees aren’t just background scenery. They are alive, they are amazing, and they are a big part of keeping all of us healthy.

Tennessee Rap Musician

If Trees Could Sing is a project of The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee. Our partners include Nashville Metro Parks, City of Chattanooga Parks, City of Knoxville Parks, Germantown Parks, Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary, Nashville Zoo and Tennessee State Parks. Videography on If Trees Could Sing by Eric Martin & Konrad Custer of Music City Roots, Nathan Shuppert and Brian Wilson. Theme music by Will Robinson.