If Trees Could Sing

Reba McEntire & the Pin Oak

Reba McEntire talks about the pin oak and the benefits that trees provide us.

Pin Oak Bark

Pin oak bark is dark gray and cracked-looking in older trees.

Pin oak acorns are eaten by turkey, deer, squirrels and even ducks.

Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire is one of the best known performers in American music. As a recording artist, she has placed more number one albums on the country record charts than any female artist ever and has had over 50 Top Ten country singles on the charts. She has also been a starring actress on television (her series Reba and Malibu Country), Broadway (Annie Get Your Gun) and movies (including Tremors and North). Reba was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011. Reba was named The Nashville Business Journal's 2016 artist of the year. In February 2017, she released her first gospel album, Sing it Now. See other music artists talking about trees...

Pin Oak Facts

  • Scientific name: Quercus palustris
  • Range: across the Eastern U.S. to the Southwest and the Great Plains
  • Height: up to 100 feet tall
  • Fruit: acorns about 1/2" long
  • Fall colors: copper brown, reddish orange and scarlet
  • Distinguishing feature: called "pin oak," because of the pin-like, diminutive spur branches that occur on larger branches

You Can Take Care of Trees Like the Pin Oak

Mighty Cool Tree Fact

Did you know... in big storms a mature tree can soak up and store 50 to 100 gallons of rainwater, reducing flooding?


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