Other Opportunities for Volunteering

There is more to our volunteer program than attending scheduled workdays. Whether it’s researching the internet, attending events, speaking to various audiences on behalf of the Conservancy or completing administrative tasks in the office, there are lots of opportunities to help inside and out. Contact Molly Anderson at molly_anderson@tnc.org or (717) 418-9518 for more information about current opportunities.

Hike Leader
We are looking for volunteers interested in leading hikes across the state, throughout the year. Suggestions for great places to hike are also greatly appreciated. If you have suggestions, are interested in learning more and/or to sign up to help out this year, please contact Molly Anderson at molly_anderson@tnc.org or (717) 418-9518.

Preserve Monitors
Volunteers are needed to assist us in monitoring The Nature Conservancy lands throughout the state. Preserve Monitors are asked to visit the preserve on a regular basis (approximately 4-6 visits per year) to assess the condition and needs of the preserve and keep us informed of any issues. If you are interested in learning more and/or signing up to help out this year, please contact Molly Anderson at molly_anderson@tnc.org or (717) 418-9518 for more information on the preserve(s) closest to you!

Volunteer Photography/Videography
We are on the search for volunteers interested and able to travel around to our different preserves throughout Pennsylvania and take pictures and/or video during all the different seasons of the year. These photos and videos will be used in various publications including newsletters and online media.


Friday, July 28th – Sunday, July 30th   
WXPN’s XpoNential Music FESTIVAL 
Volunteers are needed at our booth to distribute information about The Nature Conservancy’s work in Pennsylvania and beyond. Free festival tickets will be provided to anyone who volunteers their time.                  

Social Media

We need outreach volunteers to use Facebook to actively share information about the Conservancy. Facebook is now part of our strategy to attract new audiences, increase our visibility, and increase awareness of conservation and can be a fun way for our volunteers to stay engaged. Start by “liking” us on Facebook! Volunteers are also asked to:

  1. Make one post per month on their personal Facebook pages relating to The Nature Conservancy or conservation. Or simply “share” our content on your page.
  2. Post four articles per year about conservation from anywhere. (Try looking on our blog, or other websites, such as the New York Times, the Huffington Post, or something local such as Grid.)
  3. Post one summary or photo after each volunteer experience with The Nature Conservancy.