Darby Creek Watershed

Darby Creek Watershed encompasses 560 square miles.

Virtual Field Trip

Follow Anthony Sasson and The Nature Conservancy on a trip down Darby Creek. 

Video Tour

Discover the preserve with freshwater specialist Anthony Sasson.


The Big and Little Darby Creeks represent one of the most biologically diverse aquatic systems in the Midwest.  The watershed encompasses 560 square miles.

In recognition of the rivers' distinct characteristics, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources classified 82 miles of the Big and Little Darby Creeks as State and National Scenic Rivers.    

Conservation Action

The Nature Conservancy, in cooperation with more than sixty public agencies and private organizations, has developed a protection strategy for the watershed.  It incorporates techniques such as voluntary landowner agreements, conservation easements, land acquisition, soil conservation programs, reforestation, and stream and wetland restoration.  Overall, the protection strategy allows for economic progress while protecting water quality. 

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More than sixty public agencies and private organizations including: Franklin County Metro Parks, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Darby Creek Association, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, The Ohio State University, local governments and private landowners. Recent efforts include:   

  • 2008: The Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve opens to visitors.   
  • 2007: The Conservancy begins an ambitious project to restore the headwaters of Big Darby Creek.  
  • 2006: The Conservancy strongly supports and influences the Big Darby Accord.