New Jersey

Contact List

Contact the New Jersey Chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey
200 Pottersville Road
Chester, NJ 07930
Phone: (908) 879-7262
Fax: (908) 879-2172

The Delaware Bayshores Office
2350 Route 47
Delmont, NJ 08314
Phone: (609) 861-0600
Fax: (609) 861-4420

To contact a staff member by phone, please call (609) 861-0600 or (908) 879-7262.

Barbara Brummer, Ph.D., New Jersey State Director,

Conservation Programs: Led by Bob Allen
Bob Allen, Assistant State Director,
Heather Brecht, Conservation Operations Coordinator,
Elizabeth Schuster, Environmental Economist,

Land Conservation Team: Led by Eric Olsen
Eric Olsen, Director of Land Programs,
Joseph (Jody) Alessandrine, Director of Land Protection,
Mike Shanahan, Conservation Coordinator,
Damon Noe, Critical Lands Manager,
Scott Sherwood, Northern New Jersey Land Steward,
Michael Scullion, Seasonal Stewardship Assistant, michael.scullion@tnc.orgTrisha Seelman, Cape May Stewardship Assistant,

Freshwater Conservation Team: Led by Ellen Creveling
Ellen Creveling, Director of Freshwater Programs,
Michelle DiBlasio, Freshwater Conservation Coordinator,
Beth Styler-Barry, River Restoration Manager,
Steve Lyon, Freshwater Scientist,

Marine Conservation Team: Led by Patty Doerr
Patty Doerr, Director of Marine and Coastal Programs,
Moses Katkowski, Coastal Projects Manager,
John Truscinski, Coastal Resilience Manager,
Adrianna Zito-Livingston, Cape May Preserves Coordinator,

Government Relations Team: Led by Tom Wells
Tom Wells, Director of Government Relations,

Operations Team: Led by Susan Jakoplic
Susan Jakoplic, Director of Finance and Operations,
Barbara Roberts-Smith, Administrative Coordinator,

Philanthropy Team: Led by Carrie VanDusen
Carrie VanDusen, State Director of Philanthropy,
Jane Pelson Miller, Deputy Director of Philanthropy,
Sue Courtney, Executive Assistant,
Erin Daly, Donor Relations Manager,
Helen Esmond, Philanthropy Assistant,
Nanette LeVan, Associate Director of Philanthropy,
Robyn McGuinness, Senior Associate Director of Philanthropy,
Lisa Shippy-Woods, Donor Events and Stewardship Coordinator,
Betsy Wullert, Philanthropy Operations Manager,

Marketing Resource Center
Mary Conti, Public Relations Manager, New Jersey Chapter,
Khara McKeen, Digital Marketing Specialist,

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