Konza Prairie Partnership

Konza Prairie provides educational opportunities for students of many ages.

The 8,600-acre Konza Prairie Preserve, located in the Flint Hills region of northeastern Kansas, is owned by The Nature Conservancy and Kansas State University and operated as a field research station by Kansas State University Division of Biology. The Konza ecosystem contains forest, claypan, shrub and riparian communities in addition to the dominant tallgrass.

Konza's Mission

Long-term ecological research, education, and prairie conservation

More Information

For information about Konza, visit the web site at http://kpbs.konza.ksu.edu/, e-mail konzaed@ksu.edu, or call (785) 587-0441. For more information about group tours or the Konza Environmental Education Program, visit the web site at http://keep.konza.ksu.edu, e-mail keepkonza@ksu.edu, or call (785) 587-0381.

What to See: Plants

Native tallgrass prairie vegetation dominates Konza, including big bluestem grass, little bluestem grass, Indiangrass and switchgrass. Konza Prairie has retained its natural characteristics, and more than 600 species of flora have been documented there, including  a diverse array of grasses that typically grow three or more feet tall. Wildflowers presenting stunning spectrums of color can be seen from April to September, but May and June are the peak times see them in their greatest abundance and variety.

What to See: Animals

Several dozen species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, and more than 200 species of resident and migratory birds have been documented on the preserve.

Six miles of hiking trails are open daily from dawn to dusk. The trails are moderate with occasional steep climbs, uneven footing and narrow pathways. The trails are sometimes closed due to wet weather or planned burning. Pets and bikes are not permitted.

Konza Prairie provides educational opportunities for students of many ages, from elementary school to post-graduate level. Group tours of Konza Prairie are available only by appointment.


To reach the main entrance from I-70, exit on McDowell Creek Road, Exit 307. Travel north approximately four miles until you reach a sign reading Kansas State University, Konza Prairie.


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