Anderson County Prairies

Anderson County prairies are only a precious remaining fragment of the millions of acres of tallgrass prairie, which once covered the North American continent. Anderson County is located in the Flint Hills but is in the more easterly portions of this tallgrass prairie region in Kansas. Since the mid-1990’s, The Nature Conservancy has established a presence in Anderson County with the acquisition of the 128-acre Welda Preserve. In 2003 the Kansas Chapter purchased 1,242 acres adjacent to Welda Preserve and acquired another 80 acres in 2011.

What is particularly compelling is that Anderson County contains one of the few known reproducing populations of Mead’s milkweed on Earth. Mead’s milkweed is a small green-flowered milkweed that is a federally threatened plant found in eastern Kansas and in Missouri.

The Mead’s milkweed, associated with rapidly disappearing prairie habitats, was designated a threatened species in 1988. The Conservancy’s role is to prevent further decline of the plant and ensure a distribution of healthy, viable populations. On the ground, stewardship includes protection and management of habitat, identification of new populations or potential habitat for introduction, and research on restoration, management and introduction techniques.


1,450 acres


Anderson County Prairies are in Anderson County between the towns of Garnett and Welda in eastern Kansas.