Salt and Verde Alliance

An Urgent Issue

Water security is the most critical natural resource issue facing Arizonans today. A 17-year drought has stressed our water resources. Today, water use from the Colorado River exceeds supply, which threatens economic recovery and growth, local agriculture, water supplies for downstream communities, and valuable riverside habitat.

Water for Arizonans

The Salt and Verde Rivers, part of the Colorado River Basin, provide a substantial portion of the state’s population and economy with water—the greater Phoenix area and the communities and farms upstream. Sections of the Verde are seasonally dry due to water withdrawals. Continued groundwater pumping is depleting flows.

It is now time to address these issues on a larger
 scale, and inspire partnerships based on action with cities, corporations, farmers and other organizations, via a water fund. To oversee this effort, we’ve invited elected officials and community leaders to be part of the Salt and Verde Alliance: Healthy Rivers, Healthy Communities.

Water funds are founded on the principle that it is more cost effective to invest in natural solutions upstream to improve water flows and quality than build hard infrastructure downstream.

Our Goals
  • Create a sustainable funding mechanism for projects
  • Raise public awareness of the source of their water
  • Design and implement cost-effective projects as a way to close the gap between future 
water demand and our current supply to create
water security that supports continued economic development & healthy communities. 

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