Dry Creek

This preserve protects one of only a handful of populations of the endangered leather flower.

This preserve in St. Clair County protects one of only a handful of populations of the federally endangered Alabama leather flower (Clematis socialis). This site is critical for the preservation of this species that is now known to grow at less than 7 sites in Northeast Alabama and Northwest Georgia.  In addition, upland rose gentian, prairie dock and other native plants reside, and along the creek bank are upland oak/hickory trees, as well as bottomland hardwoods. 

This preserve serves as a critical site for migratory and nesting songbirds and supports a healthy population of beaver.

St. Clair County in central Alabama

26 acres

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site
As one of only five populations, our preserve is key to the preservation of the Alabama leather flower.

What the Conservancy is Doing
The Nature Conservancy is currently monitoring this species to determine if any specific management activities are necessary for long term preservation.