Coosa Bog Preserve

Coosa Bog Preserve was the first Alabama acquisition for The Nature Conservancy after opening the state chapter in 1989. It shelters one of the fewer than forty known colonies of Green pitcher plants, (Sarracenia oreophila), a federally-listed endangered species. The preserve is also home to grass-leaf loosestrife, another rare plant species.

Cherokee County

3.3 acres

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site
Although the green pitcher plant was once found in four states, its range has been significantly reduced.  Populations have been destroyed by residential and agricultural development, shrub and tree encroachment due to suppression of naturally occurring fires, commercial and amateur collecting of live plants, drainage and impoundment of wetland habitat, and other hydrological alterations.

What the Conservancy is Doing
The Nature Conservancy is currently working to maintain and restore this site through various stewardship activities, including prescribed burning and exotic species control and monitoring.